Monday, April 15, 2013

Spain and the crisis


    Two years latter, would you say the situation

          has improved  or is it getting worse?

     Please leave an answer with your comments.


  1. I really love this video! These days we only hear negative comments about Spain and bad decisions we made. Though sometimes it is necessary listen to and remind the good success we have achieved. We must change lots of aspects but we should not forget what we have done excellently, to continue working hard. Amanda :)

  2. The video is very interesting and it gives us a different point of view about the crisis. Obviously, it is promotional video made by an advisory company to sell their own services. Consequently, they forget the dark side of the crises, that is, unemployed, evictions, minor social services government budget such as, health, education, helps to people with special necessities, etc. However it is great to see an optimistic point of view because it always better to see the glass half full.

  3. We live with so many negative news that it´s nice to listen about successfull Spanish companies.Unfortunatelly they are the exception. More than big companies , Spain is plenty of pymes and self employed pleople.All of them are suffering the crisis. Two years later the situation is even worse for most of us.

  4. I was surfing the web to check who this Grant Thornton company was and found out that it is an important consultant and advertising agency. On the contrary, I could not find who was paying for this publicity. I suppose it must be the Spanish Government. Anyway, even having been financed by our Government, it is a good, optimistic and hopeful work. I suppose it achieved its aim.

  5. Two years later, the situation is getting worse. I think this is an optimistic vision about Spain. It is focused in the Spain’s largest companies, which are successful. However, now we have large companies which had a theoretical good position two years ago, but now these have asked for a bailout such as Bankia (the country’s fourth largest bank).